Fat kid with a cupcake

Let me fully introduce myself.  My name is Stephanie.  I am a red seal chef living on an acreage with my red seal chef and firefighter {I know right?!} husband James and my adorable son “Baby John”.

James and I met in culinary school, you know the usual way.  By spending time after classes sampling the distinct and earthy flavours of the brewed offerings of the local public house…  We spent a few years as “friends” before getting hitched in the most epic of all backyard pig roast parties.  And 10 months later…. Baby John arrives on scene.

When you are young and free and have no more cares in the world other than what pints are on special that day, and a seasoned older person looks at you and says “Just you wait, having children changes everything” you may roll your eyes.  Or ignore them.  Or think “No way!  We will be the best parents who go out and have fun and take the adorable well dressed {and well behaved} kid to brunch at the hottest new spot”.  Or at least that’s what I said.   And you know what?   Kids do change everything.  But we still do take our kid to brunch, only it’s not quite the picturesque scene I always imagined.  He hollers at other diners and smears hollandaise on his face and craps in his pants.  And it’s awesome.

One of the things that did turn out much better than the pictures in my head, were the epic pregnancy craving meals I consumed as a whale sized creator of life.  Having a chef as a husband when pregnant is the bomb.  I highly recommend it.  Far too often I sat on the couch saying things like “Can you make me something sweet, but not like sugar sweet, but also creamy, and it should have crunchy bits, and have grapefruit flavours, and have lobster in it.”  It was like Chopped Canada, but the hormones picked the basket items, and there was a good chance the judge would cry if it wasn’t right.

Needless to say, Baby John came out with a defined palate, and discerning tastes.  His first meal was panacotta.  He first had sushi at 7 months old.  {Public health nurses everywhere gasp and faint in shock, “She didn’t follow the first foods guidelines?!”.  String me up in town square.} I love the way he attacks food with such vigor.  Literally like a fat kid with a cupcake.    One of the things that always has brought James and I together was food.  And now we get to share that with our son.

This blog will follow our food, farm, and family adventures.  I hope you enjoy it!

-StephanieCultivating foodies Blog

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