Raven River


There are some new members on the commune.   Baby John and his cousins now have some very beautiful Welsh ponies to call their own.   John of course has no interest in riding them quite yet but enjoys feeding them {and himself…  Whatever hay is nutritious} 

My sister and I went on an epic adventure to the middle of nowhere Alberta to purchase these beauties last week.   And when I say adventure I mean adventure.   The lady we purchased them from was rocking some exceptionally stylish {and dare I say camel toe enducing}  snow pants that made this awful scratching noise when she walked, scared the pants off the ponies.  Now I have been on my fair share of mild sketchy but mostly entertaining kijij animal purchasing endeavours so I know the drill.   Like the time I took our donkey Margarita on a “sexy vacation” to get knocked up by a big ass {pun intended} donkey named Gus.   He was a good foot taller than her and very motivated to complete his “task”.   When I went to pick her up she jumped in the trailer so fast.   She wouldn’t look at me for a good 6 months.   Think she still holds a grudge.   On our way back we swung by High River to pick up my wedding dress.   That’s how you can tell I am a good redneck.   Yee haw.  

But I digress…  Back to the ponies.   After a disastrous rodeo with swishy pants and her slightly hobbled partner we finally got the ladies loaded up and ready to head home.  


Their names are River and Raven and River is pregnant at the moment.   We are hoping it’s a little paint pony.   I for one am very grateful that she is the preggo one this summer and not I.   Folks I love my kid to pieces,  but I was not a fan of being pregnant.   Lucky for me my husband has baby fever and I get to do it at least once more.  


Hopefully the ponies start to settle in soon so baby John can get his rodeo on.   I will keep you posted with a baby announcement! 

– Stephanie

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