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What does your business card say?  Mine says “Director of Fun” at Kayben Farms.  {According to the bank my official job description is “Tourism Manager” but boo.  I like my title better.}  Often my job entails strange tasks, such as trimming a goat’s feet, castrating piglets {let’s be honest I took pictures and did not help at all}, plunging diapers out of toilets, and mediating teenage staff drama.  But one of the fun things I get to do as the Director of Fun is manage the kitchen at JoJo’s Cafe.  We recently re-launched the woodstone oven pizza’s at work and I needed to test some pizzas out and train staff to make them.  So of course I had to bring baby John along as official taste tester.

John eating pizza #kaybenpizaparty #cultivatingfoodiesjohn pizza #kaybenpizzaparty #cultivatingfoodies

Now the woodstone pizza oven was built by my father Claude 5 years ago when I can back from a trip to Italy.  I waltzed back in the door all savvy, wine filled and much cooler than when I had left and demanded a pizza oven.  And since I already had a pony this daddy did just what his baby daughter asked.  Little did I know I would end up running an entire division of his company after these demands… It was worth it.  He built it in the shop and because it is made of layers of brick and concrete it is dang heavy. Heavy enough that when we moved it to it’s final resting spot on the patio we had to rent a huge zoom boom and ended up ripping up two huge holes in the shop floor.  It was pretty epic.

The menu at JoJo’s Cafe has changed quite a bit over the years, but one thing has stayed the same.  The amazing woodstone pizza.  I’m very glad it’s back on the menu.

making pizza shot #kaybenpizzaparty #cultivatingfoodiesjohn hand pizza #kaybenpizzaparty #cultivatingfoodies

My favorite pizza that has gone almost untouched since I first ate it in Italy is the Arugula pizza.  It has prosciutto ham layered on pizza sauce, covered in mozzarella cheese, and then after it’s baked to perfection we pile crisp, spicy arugula on top.  Seriously, it’s so good.

arugula #kaybenpizzaparty #cultivatingfoodiespizza sauce #kaybenpizzaparty #cultivatingfoodies

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have a giant girl crush on arugula.  It’s peppery and delicious and all together sexy.  And British people call it “rocket”.  Seriously, look up a youtube video of Jamie Oliver saying the word rocket.  You will thank me.

John and lex #kaybenpizzaparty #cultivatingfoodies

John of course loved the pizza and ate more than his fair share.  I guess by now I should be used to it.  But I just can’t get enough of his adorable little hand shoving delicious food into his adorable mouth.  Hopefully soon I can train him to make me pizza… May need to get him a step stool.  Do they make play woodstone pizza ovens?  They should, maybe I can ask my dad to make me one 😉

So if you are anywhere near Alberta Canada, go eat a pizza.  Do it.  #kaybenpizzaparty  Check out the website here


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