Dinner and Mommy Juice

Today I did that thing you are not supposed to do.  I went grocery shopping hungry.  Like really hungry.  Like had a coffee for breakfast and one soggy piece of training pizza { not to be confused with training pants} for lunch, so by 3 pm I was ravenous.  Also I had my little sidekick Baby John who is an amazing grocery shopping partner; if you have oodles of money.  He perches in the cart all adorable like and points at things and goes “ooh!” and naturally I can’t resist and I put it in the cart.  Before you think I’m that mom {even if I was… you going to judge me?}, he always picks the best stuff.  Today he suggested heirloom cherry tomatoes and popsicles.  See?

So I bought all of the good things.  And none of the boring things.  It was awesome and totally not practical.

Once I had all of these epic things to eat I needed to make an epic supper.  So here is what I made.

Cheese and tomatoes #cultivatingfoodies Cheese platter

Tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with some balsamic reduction and a whole slab of Gouda, and aged Cheddar.


A few little crostinis…

Filet Mignon #cultivatingfoodies

Of course a little butter and thyme basted filet mignon.  With some portableo mushrooms that I sauteed down with some butter, soy, wine, pepper and other great stuff.

portabello muhrooms #cultivatingfoodies

Filet mignon with mushrooms #cultivatingfoodies

And now no epic meal would be complete without some seared tuna.  First I made some fried garlic chips and then seared the tuna in the oil I had leftover.  The sauce I made to go on top of it had soy, crabapple jelly, pepper, chili flakes, and beer.   Mmmmmmmm beer.

garlic oil #cultivatingfoodies

seared tuna

All in all, it was a lovely dinner.  James even said it was the best meal he has had in a looong time.  Now that is a compliment.

cherries and the feast

Oh and how could I forget, washed the whole thing down with a large portion of mommy juice.  Mommy juice is the best.

Drinking the vino #cultivatingfodies


Hope you are all now mad jealous of my dinner and staring down at your kraft dinner with disdain.  As my bestie knows, all you have to do is show up at my house with wine and I will cook you up a feast.  Have a lovely night!  And cheers to all my fellow mommies hitting the mom juice hard tonight.


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