Happy Birthday Little Chef


The smallest chef on the block turned one yesterday.

JOHN 1 st birthday

We threw him the most Pinterest worthy party of all time.  My mother in law “Nana” did the majority of the adorable sweets and treats.candy

I really can’t take credit for the creative treats but I sure wish I could.  I would look like that awesome mom who has it all together and makes the cutest shit for parties.

fire cupcakescupcakes

But in actual fact I was the one hiding in the corner chugging the mommy juice because what was supposed to be an outdoor BBQ party turned in to 35 people in our shoebox sized house while an epic monsoon raged outside.

fire hatCookies for John's Birthday

It was definitely cozy, but we all fit.  And there were only a few sugar induced meltdowns and my dad threw James’ dad on the couch in what can only be described as a hulk smash.  All in all, a great success!


Happy Birthday little man!

{We also did an epic cake smash photoshoot with his girlfriend… I will post pictures soon.  Nothing is cuter than a baby smashing a cake}


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