Johnny’s Skinny Pancakes

Little Chef makes Johnny's Skinny Pancakes #cultivatingfoodies
Little Chef makes Johnny’s Skinny Pancakes #cultivatingfoodies

Some long-standing family traditions cannot be broken by time or distance.  Like Johnny’ Skinny Pancakes on a Saturday morning.  Long before we actually had a John in the family we made these skinny crepe like pancakes on Saturday mornings before the weekly family meeting.  When we were younger the meeting usually consisted of us loudly voicing our opinions on what garage sales we should hit up that day, or who got to go to the dump with dad.  {For all you city folks out there, yes the dump was awesome.  Still is.  Little chef goes with his dad to the dump and loves every minute of it.  And for you really really deep city people, the dump is a place where country folks take their garbage on the weekend because the big picker upper truck does not drive to their driveway and take theirs away.  Savage I know.  Don’t worry you never have to go.}  I digress.  Back to pancakes.

Johnny’s Skinny Pancakes are like crepes, thin little pancakes that you smear with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and blob whipped cream on to and top with fresh berries.  Then you attempt to roll it up in to a cigar shape and shove it in your mouth while all of your toppings spill out the sides of your mouth.  It’s awesome.

The one and only original Johnny's Skinny Pancakes Recipe #cultivatingfoodies
The one and only original Johnny’s Skinny Pancakes Recipe #cultivatingfoodies

Our recipe comes from a family heirloom of a book called “Let’s Go Dutch” as if going Dutch was an option and not an instinctual birthright.  It’s one of those recipes that you can tell is the best because it is covered in many years of batter splatters.  {I hope little Chef’s first punk band in high school is called “Batter Splatters”.}  If you ever want to know what the best recipe in a cookbook is, find the crinklyest page and make that.  Unless the owner of the book has awful taste, then maybe don’t.

Little Chef stirring pancake batter    Little Chef grinning and cooking

So the other morning we decided to show little chef the way of the Johnny’s skinny pancakes considering it is his namesake.  He had a great time mixing up the batter {new secret ingredient; baby spit}

Little Chef with whisk       Little Chef eating batter

But no epic pancake eating fest is complete without some fresh berries and since we have a row of awesome saskatoon bushes we went out to pick a few.  Little chef is a professional berry picker since Papa taught him how a few weeks ago.

Little chef picking saskatoons  Little chef picking some saskatoons

I have very fond memories of my childhood picking saskatoons with my dad.  Watching him pick saskatoons I felt this awesome peace.  Like his life would not always be easy, but it would be filled with simple happy moments.  Moments like these picking sweet little berries off the bush and eating them.  If he can see that pieces of time like this are the real meaning of wealth then I think I will have gotten across to him what I want to as a parent.  Also these new mad berry picking skills are very useful, get out there and pick momma some berries son!

Little chef picking saskatoons for pancakes    Little chef berry picking

Once we picked all our berries it was time to make some pancakes.  Luckily Grandma has a cow and pig shaped pancake moulds to make special fun baby pancakes.

Cow pancake

Get into it little chef!

Little chef eating pancakes

So if you feel the urge to “Go Dutch” and whip some up yourself here is the recipe:

Johnny’s Skinny Pancakes {John’s Dunne Pannekoeken}

{Serves 5 big brawny dutchmen, or 7 regular folks}

3 cups whole milk or 2% milk {Save the skim for your skinny latte}

6 eggs

2 cups flour

4 Tablespoons butter {The recipe calls for margarine… but the war is over.  Let’s not suffer anymore}

1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix the milk, eggs, and flour with a whisk vigorously.  Then pour in the melted {but not wicked hot} butter.

Pour the batter on to a greased grittle or hot frying pan in a long shape and spread out with a spoon if necessary.  The goal is real nice thin long skinny pancakes.  flip them when they are lightly gold on one side and remove from heat when done.  Place them on top of each other in a ceramic lidded pan to keep warm while you make the rest.  Then top them with all sorts of amazing toppings.

Save any remaining ones for mid-day snacking with cinnamon sugar.

I hope your next Saturday is filled with skinny pancakes, fun and happiness!


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