Little Chef and Girlfriend eating cakeFor those who do not know, the awesome and totally messy thing to do when your kid turns one is give them a whole cake and let them destroy it, get high on sugar and end up wailing in the food colouring stained bathtub.  Of course my fabulous bestie and I decided that we needed to do a twins themed cake smash for Little Chef and his beautiful girlfriend.  Before you think it is totally creepy that I have already picked a girlfriend for my son {ok it kind of is} here is the back story.

James and I attended “baby class” when I was pregnant.  The purpose of this class is to educate dumb new parents, but really all it did was scare the pants off {or pants right back on} the dads, and start the mommy guilt train full bore for the mommies to be.  We spent the majority of the time with a health nurse waving a epidural catheter in our faces and telling us exactly how our labours would progress.  Naturally it did not go exactly as she said for any of us… imagine that.  But during these classes we all sat in a large circle beside our baby daddies sizing each other up.  Checking out bump sizes compared to due dates, and generally deciding by the 4 words we heard each other speak if we liked each other or not.  In general I am awkward as hell in public and James is a social butterfly who can make 3 new lifelong friends just picking up milk from the store.  So he assumed everyone there was nice, and I assumed mostly everyone there was sketchy.  Except Amber {cue the song dreamweaver and the hair blowing scene from “Wayne’s World”}.  I saw Amber from across the room and decided she was going to be my friend.  PLUS; double bonus, our due dates were one day apart.  I was scared shitless to speak to her so I sent James to go get her husband’s phone number {yes, I know how that sounds.  Being pregnant and shy is hard!}.  Little did I know that Amber also saw me and decided we should be buddies and sent her husband to go talk to James.  It was awkward love at first sight.  Well we have been inseparable ever since and even ended up having our babies one day apart.  Hence the twins photo shoot.  I will admit with no shame that this was not their first photo shoot together.  If they ever do get married they will have engagement pictures for each year of their lives.

Back to the cakes.  I made some simple white cakes, and 6 batches of swiss meringue butter cream icing.

Icing bags

Then in sequence I iced the cakes with what I can only call swooping blobs to get the ombre effect.

Birthday Cakes

Then we let the kids go wild.  And did they ever.

john and taylorjohn and taylor 2

At first Taylor was quite polite and sweet about it whole thing, but after watching John go hog wild on his cake she got into it pretty good.

J & T cae smash

Taylor 1john 2

Little Chef cake smash Little Chef Cake smash

If you are wondering where these awesome pictures and backgrounds came from, check out Amber’s Photograpgy page A Lottle Love.  She is a fabulous photographer and takes the sweetest pictures of even rowdy babies!  I would highly recommend her, and not just because she is my first go-to for my TMI questions and mommy juice drinking buddy.

Have a fabulous and hopefully cake filled day everyone.


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