Camping Adventures

Over the Labour Day long weekend we took a much needed family camping trip to unwind, relax and stuff our faces.  The first few days we spent with just our little family of James, little chef and I and the last few days we spent with my parents, sisters, their husbands and my nephews.  It was a jolly good time and it felt so good to turn off our phones and just enjoy each other.

James and John #cultivatingfoodies

We stayed at Canyon Campground the first few nights in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  Because it was most kid’s first week back at school it was very quiet and we were one of only a few campers there.  It was just our luck that the very bet spot in the place was open.  It was hidden by trees and had a little path to a stream, and was about 15 steps from the kid’s park.  Little chef was pretty happy with the arrangement.  As soon as we got there and started unpacking he took his wagon and started waking off to the park.  I was unloading firewood and looked around assuming he was playing with his toys and spotted him walking down the lane to the park all by himself.  Brave little buggar!

Going on an Adventure

Just below our campsite was a beautiful little stream and we took a nice long walk the first day.  I was walking ahead and James had little chef on his shoulders and we were all looking at the beautiful scenery and enjoying ourselves when I hear a muffled cry and look back and little chef has been hooked by a branch under his chin and is lifting off James’ shoulders and flapping in distress.  I was very tempted to quickly take a picture before rescuing him but I let my good instincts rule.  He got a nice bruise on his cheek and it was the first of an amazing array of bumps and bruises over the trip.  By the end he looked like he had jut slogged this way through baby fight club just barely victorious.

Posing by the river #cultivatingfoodies

Of course we ate good over the trip.  Because a vacation is not a vacation for us without spectacular eats.  The first night was actually our anniversary so we splurged and bough big juicy prime rib steaks and grilled them over the fire with roasted potatoes and asparagus.

Cooking over the fire #cultivatingfoodies

Because there is no sweeter way of celebrating two years of having that one special person to annoy for the rest of your life than with a big chunk of meat.

Steak #cultivatingfoodies

It was delicious.  Truly there is something special about a meal cooked over an open fire.  It has this epic smoky flavour and the care of a not rushed moment and eating outside also makes the whole thing that much better.  Eating outside #cultivatingfoodies

The next morning we made skillet cinnamon buns over the fire and oh-baby they were good.

skillet cinnamon buns #cultivatingfoodies

I spent a good chunk of the trip relaxing and reading a great book “Yes Chef” by Marcus Samuelson.  I would highly recommend it.  It is the very honest story of the ups, downs, fails and wins of his career.  One of my favourite hobbies is reading, and especially about people who are honest and just put it all out there.  He does a great job of that in his book and I think most people would enjoy it.  The parts that really got me were when he was speaking about his birth mother carrying him and his sister across Africa to a hospital because they were all sick with TB.  Made me realize we live a pretty cushy life here.

Yes Chef #cultivatingfoodies

Another epic meal we made was bacon and cheese skillet biscuits with ribs and corn.  Makes my mouth water even now thinking about it.  That cast iron skillet was out cooking vessel of choice the whole trip and it earned it’s keep let me tell you.

Bicuits, ribs, corn #cultivatingfoodies

Snack time # cultivatingfoodiesOver this trip little chef decided he was too much of a big boy to sit in his camping high chair {I know right?!  I have an actual folding camping high chair and he didn’t want anything to do with it.}   So he spent most of his meals at the picnic table and only bailed off once and I think it was intentional.  He also decided that he was too big of a boy for naps… and realized that our makeshift playpen in the trailer was the perfect height for pulling back the curtains and peeking and us instead of slipping off in to sweet slumber.  I don't want to nap!  #cultivatingfoodies

We also made warm brie and grilled peaches for a snack.  It was beyond delicious.  The melting cheese, the smoky sweet flavour of the peaches.  Bring me back!  Brie and grilled peaches #cultivatingfoodies

After our few very peaceful days as a family unit we met up with my family and the wild rumpus began!

wild rumpus #cultivatingfoodiesLittle rascals #cultivatingfoodies

I have no words to truly describe my family other than we are what you would call an “acquired taste”.  That is why we camp out in the middle of nowhere so that we don’t shock/annoy/scare anyone.

It’s always a great time.  And always chaotic and loud and delicious and the greatest fun you will ever have.

general silyness #cultivatingfoodies

The little boys all had a grand time playing in the dirt and driving “Uncle Christmas” quad and begging Grandma for snacks.

Little boy fun #cultivatingfodies

Tante Lexi and little chef #cultivatingfoodies

Uncle Christmas
Uncle Christmas


We also ate like kings.  My sister Jo made some from heaven biscuits and we devoured almost $1000 worth of groceries.

Corn, biscuits, chicken #cultivatingfoodies

The last day I was being a bit miserable and convinced James that we were leaving early… and I’m glad I did.  The next morning they woke up to half a foot of soggy wet snow.  Man am I glad the grump in me spoke up.

All in all it was a fabulous trip!  Until next season.


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