Adding to the Team

Staffing is always in issue in restaurant kitchens.  Cooks for whatever reason seem to be a transient type people who drift from place to place and don’t stay put for long.  So when seeking new employees for cooking jobs it is not always an easy thing to accomplish.

James and I have been dreaming lately of one day opening a pub with the best food around, and looking at how the little Cultivating Foodies world has been growing leaps and bounds {see my guest blogging on Van City Mommy }.  We have be discussing how to continue with our growing dreams without some back up chef’s.  Don’t get me wrong little chef can already pull his own weight, but it will be hard for him to keep up in a few years!  So we decided the best plan of attack was to hire from within the Parker family… so we made a new one!


The newest little chef will be joining us April 2016.  Let the wild rumpus begin!


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