Round Two

Being pregnant with the second child is kind of like going back for your next year of high school and being sent back to kindergarten.  I know that it should seem logical to everyone except myself apparently that you have to start form scratch with each pregnancy, but the concept and the reality are a far cry from each other.  I am currently in the “feel like crap but don’t look pregnant just a little fat” stage and its dragging on.  As soon a I found out I was knocked up again I was all gung-ho and set up a “nursery nook” for the baby in our room and started reading birth blogs again and got all fired up.  Now a few weeks later I’m looking at this pretty basket of baby blankets thinking I need an intervention.  Or a time machine.  Last pregnancy everything was new, so each new stage was fun and exciting and now I am over here like “Where is my giant belly and why the cuss is this taking so long?!”

We are calling this little baby “blueberry” for now {I promise we won’t name the child Blueberry} and although it has been hard to be patient, I know looking back this time will fly by.  I am both nervous and excited about having two children, some days I wonder how I will do it.  But most of the time I am really excited to have our family grow.  To watch little chef become a brother, I think he will do great.  Although he may feed the baby all manner of crazy experimental foodstuffs, we will have to keep an eye on that.

I will keep you updated on blueberry’s progress, and try not to complain too much.  This week blueberry is the size of a canape {I have an app that tells me the size of the baby in French Patisserie terms.  Very exciting stuff}  Blueberry also had taste buds now!  I can officially blame any cravings on the baby now.


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