Good for the Soul

I am of the opinion that living in the country is good for the soul.  The wide open spaces, the proximity to nature, the smell {although sometimes it smells like horse poop…}

JOhn in horse pasture

I think little chef is enjoying being a country boy.  I am not sure what he would do if we moved in to an apartment, most likely stand on the balcony and holler at the neighbours.

I love the lifestyle that comes with being out in the country.  We have one neighbour just across the fence and no one else for miles.  Its beautiful.  They have kids and they come wandering over to play with Little Chef quite often and no one has to schedule play dates, or drive them, or supervise visits.  It’s safe and so free at the same time.  Little Chef can play outside as much as he wants and just comes toddling back in to the house when he is thirsty or hungry or bumped his head.  {Side note: it’s damn adorable when he comes in blubbering and telling me a big story in baby language and holding a spot on his head, so I kiss it better and he smiles and then points somewhere else and I kiss there, and on and on.  Sometimes one little fall can turn in to a 20 kiss expedition.  But who can complain about chubby baby kisses?}  But back to the lifestyle.  I have read in the news lately a few articles about kids being picked up by law enforcement for being at the park alone and parents getting grief for letting 10 year old’s walk alone.  It seems crazy to me.  My wonderful neighbour Chrissy {the mother of Little Chef’s next door playmates} wrote a really great blog about it, check it out HERE

Little chef in front of house

I do wish that people had more access to “safe” play areas.  No one can drive on my yard without me seeing it {and the neighbours too} and there are large fences between where my son plays and any traffic or other people.  So he does have something special that most kids in the city do not have.  But somehow there must be a way to let kids be kids and explore and learn without parent’s feeling like they are in constant danger.

Little chef with ponies

Maybe to most parents my letting Little Chef play outside by himself seems dangerous.  But for me, it is just another part of his learning and growing up.  He isn’t allowed to visit his ponies alone, and I don’t let him drive yet… so really it’s not bad at all 😉

But he does get to explore and try things.  Like the other day I see the dog come in the dog door, and then a giggle and there is Little Chef peeking in the dog door.

John in doggy door

Cute right?  To another parent it may seem unsanitary, and unsafe.  But that’s the thing with being a parent.  It’s a matter of perspective.  When I was a kid I had a friend who lived in the city and she wanted to come and camp with me on our farm.  We were 12 and would be within sight of the house, but her mother was terrified and said no way.  She envisioned all manner of scary country things going wrong.  And on the flip side she would let her daughter go down-town on the c-train alone and my mother considered that completely reckless.  Perspective.

I guess the best we can do is use our own judgement raising our kids and try not to crap on what each other thinks or does.  And if you want some fun outdoor safe country play send your kid over to pay with Little Chef.  He can show them how to throw rocks through the fence and dig in the flower garden, and if they are lucky maybe even crawl through the dog door.

– Stephanie

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