Guest Blogging Adventures

As hopefully you have seen on my Facebook Page I have been guest blogging for Vancity Mommy D.  It has been quite an adventure, getting my words out there to people who don’t have a clue who I am.  Almost a bit liberating at times!

Here are the links to the the posts I have done so far, give them a read and a share!

4 Tips For Cooking With Kids

“I have had people read my blog and then ask me how the hell I make all this food and actually let my 14 month old “Little Chef” actually help. We are all in this parenting thing together so here are all my secrets, big and dirty out in the open for your reading pleasure.”

Actually Helping . #cultivatingfoodies

The Hangry Fix

“There is a very real problem that many people face, and it is called Hangry. Hangry is when you are so hungry you become angry, and rage on all the innocent people around you until you eat something and the world is in a natural balance again.’


Mommy Chopped

“I have all the skills and tools to make the meal of your dreams, but in my own kitchen at 5:30 pm on a Wednesday evening when I crack open the fridge and look at the dismal gathering of ingredients, my ambition and creativity flee for their lives.”

John eating pizza #cultivatingfoodies

Hope you enjoy!


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