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Remember last week when I poured my heart out about starting up new and great things?  If you missed it you can read it HERE.

Well I would like to introduce you to the project that I have been working on for some time, and is finally becoming a reality.

West Rose Media West Rose Media Facebook cover photot

A media company that I have designed and started to help businesses, blogs and pages flourish and reach their online goals.  The move to this has been quite organic for me.  In my “real job” at Kayben Farms I manage all of the social media platforms, do the advertising, event planning and public relations.  It has been the part of my job that I have enjoyed the most and become very good at.  Because of that I started to help friends with their businesses and the social media and design elements of them.  It has been very satisfying and I had no idea a few years back that this would be the way that my life would be headed.  But here we are.  I do truly believe that all of my culinary experience, business experience and love of creation and art has led me right to this.  There are very valuable lessons that you cannot learn from anything but owning and running a business and I was able to learn so many of those lessons early working for my family business.  Being responsible for an entire division of our family business, and having the authority to make decisions that impact the entire company as well as being responsible for the budget and how my division performs has taught me invaluable lessons.  Lessons that now help me when I work for businesses.  I can understand the constant need for more time, more money, one more day to accomplish what needs to be done.  And that is how I found my niche.  I understand business, I understand entrepreneurs, I understand the drive for more and the relentless pursuit of it.

So please take a look at my website, like my Facebook Page, Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @westrosemedia and see what I am all about!  Tell your friends and let me know if there is anything I can give you a hand with.  The world is all about connections and I believe that even if you do not have a business that would like to hire me, someone you know may need the boost I can give them to make their dreams come true.

Thank you for reading my blog, supporting me in all I am doing, and sharing your life with me!


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