Christmas in Review

It was a holiday season of epic proportions.  Little Chef cooked about 14 new dishes, mommy ate more than her fair share, and James was damn near entering a diabetic coma from sugar over consumption.  All in all a great success.

For Christmas I made little chef a knife and tool roll and we bought him his very first chef’s knife.  It has a short ceramic blade that we dulled to the sharpness of a butter knife so her can’t actually lop off a finger, but can chop softer veggies and such {safety first right?}.

Little Chef opening knife roll .jpg

He knew what it was the second he opened it up, because he has seen James and I take our knives and tools out of our rolls many times.  Now James is jealous and wants a matching one… I may have to go in to production.

Little Chef opening knife roll 2 .jpg

Knife roll .jpg

As soon as he saw the knife he ran full tilt to the kitchen and started hollering and pointing at the counter.  We were ready with a giant bag of parsley and he chopped enough parsley for a 90’s restaurant in no time.

Little Chef chopping with knew knife.jpg

The next day we set out with the Jeep stacked to the rafters with seafood and presents and baby gear to my parents for the annual Christmas bonanaza.  We may have to rename it the annual Christmas shit-show with 3 and possibly soon 4 tiny penis packing hooligans running amok, and their just as wild daddies consuming beers and teasing their patient and long-suffering wives for sport.  😉

little boys eating cookies wm.jpg

Jo and Boys opening presents wm

Grandma made all the boys matching pj’s, so they spent most of the time in those, running around being wild little things.

John woohoo wm.jpg

Every year instead of the traditional turkey dinner my family cooks a seafood feast with lobsters as the main dish.  We knew that we had to have an extra lobster ready for Little Chef to have on his plate in case he thought it was cool, and of course he didn’t disappoint.  There were many exited screams and pointing when he got his steamy seafood plate in front of him.  And of course he had to help cook the entire dinner.  Because he is the hottest new up and coming Chef in the area and had to put his mark on this festive spread.

boys with lobsters wm.jpg

Little Chef and lobster wm.jpg

Apple pie.jpg

Fe and John on Papas lap wp.jpgHot chocolate.jpgLittle Chef chocolate moustache wm.jpg

Little Chef and Steph parsley wm.jpg

Little Chef Chopping wm.jpg


John leading the wave wm.jpg

John with lobster wm.jpg

Then after a much needed calm day of rest at home, we were off to James’ parent’s place to do it all again.  Much less hooliganism there, but just as much good chefing.

Little chef with beets.jpg

John and Nana whipped cream wm.jpg

Nana and John wm.jpg

Litle chef and Jamie eggs wm.jpgSteph and John b & w wm.jpg

I feel very blessed to have such an amazing family to spend the holidays with, and such an imaginative and smart son.  So here is to a wonderful 2016 and a brand new foodie to add to the crew.  Cheers everyone!



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