Chef’s Garden

We recently planted our very first chef’s garden on our little farm here on the prairie.  We have wanted to for a few years now, but finally have a summer that I’m not knocked up so we decided to go for it.

James and Littel Chef on the tractor.jpg



James and Little Chef tilled up a nice spot just North of the house with the grand idea that because it is fenced I could keep Little Chef contained while weeding the garden and picking my bounty.  The flaw in our plan was quickly realised when we were planting our first seeds and realised that Little Chef was no where to be found.  He had squeezed through the gate and was frolicking in the far pasture with Thor our giant Newfoundlander dog.  Apparently we need to beef up the security around here.




But once he returned from his walkabout Little Chef had a grand time helping plant all the seeds.  His favourite bay far were the potatoes.  He got into a groove of throwing them dramatically overhand into the holes I dug.  Practising up for baseball season I suppose.

Little Chef Planting potatoes.jpg




Out little plants are starting to sprout and I am beyond excited.  I love fresh veggies straight out of the garden.  They make the very best summer meals.  And hopefully soon my chicken coop will be finished so we can have fresh eggs as well.  My goal is to cook an entire meal of only things we have grown or raised on our farm this summer.

Little Chef pounding stakes.jpg



Little Chef is really getting in to the chores these days and is all about feeding the horses and helping me weed the garden.  His word for supper is “uppers” {hilarious I know} and he yells “Uppers neigh neigh!” at least 13 times a day.  I think he is finally at the age that he can look forward to things and the highlight of his day is feeding animals and playing in the dirt.  Oh and also driving mom crazy.  And driving his “pumpers truck” into my shins, and peeing on EVERYTHING.  Remember how I said I was potty training him?  Well giant correction.  I in fact did NOT potty train him.  I pee trained him.  He now knows when he is peeing, how to make the pee come out, and where the pee comes from.  There are 100 and 1 other much more exciting places to pee than in the potty.  For instance; in the past two days he has peed in the toy box, in his sister’s car seat, on his fire truck, in his boots, and on the floor right in front of me while I was nursing baby Sous Chef.  Lord help me.

Little chef checking the garden.jpg



So hopefully by the time our veggies are ready Little Chef will understand where to pee, and will be able to complete at least one of his cores on his own.  A lady can dream right?



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