Bible Basics Book Review

Little Chef loves to read, most days he asks me to read him a story about 35 times between waking and finally going to sleep at the end of the night.  I try to keep a full library of books available to him, but he always seems to gravitate to a few select favourites.  Last week we were sent a copy of “Bible Basics” by Danielle Hitchen and after the first read it quickly became a one his bedtime favourites.  I have been extra interested in books lately, because we are writing ours, especially ones by new and upcoming authors.  I was asked to share our thoughts on the book and I was excited to check it out.

As you know even if you are excited about something, your toddler may not be.  I have to admit I was nervous he would not be into it, but when we went to the post office to pick it up he was beyond excited that we got a package with a gift for him in it.

When we got home we read our copy of “Bible Basics” and he really enjoyed it.  A few of the words are a bit big for him to understand and say, but he really enjoys trying to repeat them to me.  His very favourite page is the one with the four Gospels, he says “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Me!”  The night after we got the book, Jamie sat down to read it to him and he pointed at the picture with “John” written beside it and said “That’s John!”.  Jamie was amazed and convinced that he can read…

I really like giving the kids a variety of books on different subjects and I think this one is a great Bible intro.  I like that he can see pictures and words in it that he recognises from Sunday School.   Little Chef’s verdict on the book:  5 sticky fingers out of 5.

We are going to give a copy away on our Instagram page.  So head over and enter!

As for our own book, we are in the editing process right now and hope to be able to announce a launch date within a week or two!  Stay posted!




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