Love Notes From Around the World

Happy Valentines Day!  On this magical day of love I thought I would share what I did for my wonderful husband this Valentines Day.  I know lots of people think Valentines Day is cheesy, but I love it.  Why not use any excuse to show some love, and make heart-shaped cookies of course.

A month ago a woman on my blogging network group posted asking if anyone was willing to write a love note from her, to her significant other.  It quickly grew in to people from all over the world sharing notes of love from one place to another.  I got caught up in the excitement of it and ended up writing almost 100 love notes for others.  I have to admit it was so much fun, seeing the notes I asked for showing up in my inbox, seeing all the cool places that my love for James had reached.  Call it cheesy, but I loved it.

I took all of my photo’s out in the barnyard with our funny collection of animals.  Chunk the pony was the most into it, but “Rammy” the Ram was more than annoyed.  I guess he is not that into Valentines Day.  Every time I went to take a picture he came up and tried to head butt the piece of paper.  #foreversingle Little Chef even got into it and wanted to write a few of his own.  Luckily we did all of this silly photo taking while James was away in Edmonton.  A little hard to explain a stack of love notes to and from people I don’t even know all over the house!

Last night I gave him the book I made with all the photos and together we looked through it.  Someday we hope to have the time and money to travel all over together.  But for now, we can see the world through the notes that were sent from all over the world.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.  May you feel the love of those who cherish you, and eat lots of heart-shaped treats!


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  1. This is a lovely summary!! So glad to see the photo I took in there 😊

    Love Becca

  2. Dayna says: Reply

    How did you find this? Would love to do something like this and be involved for other people! Very thoughtful and unique! 💜

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