Natalie Rose Turns One

Miss Natalie Rose turned one!  (last month, I know I’m very behind)  But such is life with two wild little hooligans, jobs, marriage, bills, and side hussle of course.  Because who just has a simple life?  We sure don’t.  But we do have a very sweet one.  And a very sweet one year old.  

It amazes me how much this beautiful little girl has changed in just one year.  She has become so full of life, so wild, and so sweet.  As soon as she hears music she starts to wiggle her little but, and boogie to the music.  She gives kisses and hugs, and follows her brother everywhere.  My favorite is that she now really wants to help us cook.  No longer is she content to watch from a high chair, or my arms.  Now she wants her hands in everything, to stir with spoons and dip her fingers in flour.  But with a different flair than little chef.  Our little sous chef is a much more polite version of his wild style.  Her cake “smash” was a perfect example.  If you remember Little Chef’s cake smash was an actual smash.  He destroyed his and then his best buddy’s.  Miss little sous chef on the other hand had no interest in smashing her cake.  She very politely dipped one finger at a time in the icing and licked it off.  Like an adorable little bundle of sugar.

It has been a very busy few months.  I am back at work, and the little chef’s started at day home.  To be honest I was very upset at first about that change.  I thought I was going to miss so much.  And some times I still feel that way.  But we have so much fun when we are together.  Quite honestly the time away also sweetens the time together.  And I still get dinnertime with them.  That is our best time of day, cooking and creating together.  Today the kids and I made the biscuit recipe from our cookbook and it was so cute.  Little chef opened the book and pointed to the picture and said “Let’s make those!”.  It was awesome.  To be honest it was the first time we have used our cookbook together.  I love that it has pictures he recognizes and wants to make.  That was the point and it works!  Little sous chef also was hollering from the floor and demanding to help.

She has such a sassy demeanor, it’s amazing.  Sometimes just to piss off her brother she pushes his face.  Just crawls up to him and pushes his cheek so his head turns away from what he is doing.  It cracks me up.  This tiny little 17.5 lb girl giggling at the prospect of annoying her big brother.  Watch out Little Chef.


So cheers to you Miss Natalie Rose, to one year of melting our hearts, filling our lives with laughter, and making us realize just how special you are.  And to more blog posts more often.

Cake by Neverland Cakes by Wendy  Photos by Amber Blaire Photography

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